DAPAWO was founded in March 2013 by a group of Danish and Palestinian women with residence in Denmark as a nonpartisan and
independent organisation. The objective of DAPAWO is to share information about the conditions of Palestinian women.

In Denmark DAPAWO wishes to create awareness of Palestinian women’s situation and help them find solutions to the problems the Palestinian women living in Denmark encounter in the Danish society.  

In Palestine DAPAWO will collaborate with local women’s organisations and support their work to improve the women’s situation within health, education and living conditions. 50 years of Israeli besiege has had a huge impact on the women, physically as well as mentally and economically. Many have lost husband, sons and close relatives; many have been evicted from their home, they have lost their land and livelihood, and their social network has been dissolved. Their everyday is therefore marked by trauma and large social and economic challenges. 

DAPAWO, which is a member-based organisation, wishes to contribute to the creation of virtual and real networks between Danish and Palestinian women – in Denmark and in Palestine – in mutual benefit and inspiration. To achieve this goal DAPAWO initiate projects in Palestine and Denmark, which are financed by external donors.

DAPAWO raises money for special causes in Palestine. The regular income solely steams from the member-subscriptions, which makes contributions from funds, unions, companies and private donors a fundamental aspect of DAPAWO’s financing.